1.) How can I register as a food seller? Food seller registration and payment can be completed online. If you would rather complete a paper form please download the application here.

2.) What is the registration fee and what does it cover? The registration fee for a food seller is $125 for a 12′ deep x 15′ wide space or $180 for a 12′ deep x 30′ wide space.  Electricity is an extra charge depending on what is needed.  (15amp, 30 amp, or 50 amp).  All food vendor booth locations are outdoors and you must provide your own tent, shelter, trailer, etc.  Maker Fair Minnesota aims to keep our fees affordable to boost your profits so there are no refunds for cancelations. This is a rain or shine event!

3.) What do I have to provide at my booth? Food sellers must provide their own tent, shelter, trailer, etc.  If you are registered for electricity, please remember to bring your own extension cord and power strip.

4.) When is Maker Fair Minnesota and what time can I set up? Maker Fair Minnesota is 9am – 4pm Saturday, October 12, 2019. Artisans can set up their booths the afternoon before the day before on Friday, October 11th, from 12pm – 6pm and the morning of the event Saturday, October 12th, from 6:45am – 8:45am. All vehicles and trailers must be moved to vendor parking by 8am Saturday morning. All sellers must be completely set up at least 15 minutes prior to the opening of the event and stay until it ends at 4pm. Booths are not to be taken down until after 4pm. No unauthorized vehicles will be allowed in the selling area prior to the end of the event. Any vendors who stop selling earlier than 4pm will not be invited back for future events. Food vendors are encouraged to set up and sell food during the vendor set up time on Friday. There are many vendors and helpers onsite that day and this is a great bonus time to boost sales.

5.) Where is Maker Fair Minnesota and is the event accessible? Maker Fair Minnesota will be held at the Nicollet County Fairgrounds in St. Peter, Minnesota . This beautiful venue is located in Nicollet County and accommodates all of our attendees, vendors, and entertainers. There is ample parking, no stairs, and easily accessible restrooms.

6.) Is Maker Fair Minnesota kid-friendly? Maker Fair Minnesota is a family event! In addition to the handcrafted artisans, we offer adult and kids make-and-take crafts, kids goodie bags, and food vendors. There is no childcare provided at the event and children are to be supervised by adults.

7.) How will Maker Fair Minnesota by advertised? Maker Fair Minnesota 2019 will be advertised on websites, social media, regional newspapers and magazines, on hundreds of posters and flyers, signs, and on the radio. Makers are also sent promotional flyers to distribute in their communities. Sellers are encouraged to allow event organizers to use photos of their handcrafted items on the website, on social media, and in media press releases.

8.) How do the Goodie Bags work? To encourage early attendance, the first adult 50 shoppers at Maker Fair Minnesota will receive a free Goodie Bag filled with freebies from our artisans and sponsors. To encourage afternoon attendance, the first 50 kids to line up at the designated time in the afternoon will receive a free goodie bag filled with freebies also contributed by our artisans and sponsors. Contributing to the Goodie Bags is optional. Maker Fair Mn will provide a sign to each vendor indicating they are a participant in our Goodie Bag giveaway. The bags are a big hit and a great way to engage shoppers. Take this opportunity to provide 50 samples, coupons, or business cards to encourage shopping at your booth. If you donate to the Goodie Bags please have your 50 items ready when you check in either during set up the day before the event or the morning of the event before 8:00am.

9.) What is the anticipated attendance at Maker Fair Minnesota? The event welcomed 190 handcrafted sellers and over 4500 customers in 2018 and this year we hope to continue to grow. Maker Fair Minnesota is an outdoor event with fun programs, unique handcrafted artisans, and extensive advertising. We anticipate a great customer turnout for 2019!

10.) Who can I contact if I have questions? Please contact Maker Fair Minnesota by one of these ways:

Contact page on the event website: www.makerfairmn.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 507.340.1720

**We encourage you to create a vendor menu that we can distribute to the handcrafted artisans prior to the event and at check in. Many vendors are unable to leave their booth during the event. By providing them a menu in advance and offering booth delivery you could greatly increase sales.**