Minnesoapa is a locally crafted company offering handmade Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bath Tea, Soaks and Scrubs. With products named after Minnesota favorites such as the Loon Lagoon Facial Soap Bar and Paul Bunyan’s Warm Flannel Soap Bar there is sure to be something for everyone!

S & J Majestic Soaps

Natural homemade soap. You will get high quality ingredients and big bars for your money. 6 different moisturizing oils go into our product that will make your skin feel absolutely wonderful. This product lathers up in the hardest of water conditions and rinses completely clean. Due to the moisturizing content and the fact this rinses clean from your body it’s a one stop shop. Use our soap as shampoo, to shave with, it’s gentle for your face and to remove makeup, bath & showering. Enjoy luxury.

Laketown Soap Co.

Laketown Soap Co. offers a variety of handcrafted goat milk soaps. All products are scented using essential oils or natural phthalate-free fragrance oils, and colored using dried clays, herbs, and spices. Laketown Soap began as a hobby, until friends and family fell in love with each soap, bar by bar. They begged me to “make it official” and the rest is history!